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Sam Faheem

Sam Faheem

Faheem Ahmad (FM) is a business magnate, investor, author, Software Developer, Dahyee, Motivational Speaker, Educationist, Social Activist. Faheem launched FmSoft,...


We collaborate with our client/partner, real users, and other stakeholders to brainstorm ideas on how to best approach the goals, objectives and problems we defined earlier in our process. We combine fresh ideas and combine them with industry proven best practices to come up with unique solutions.

Our highly skilled designers and engineers partner with clients to design, build, and grow both web and mobile applications using best in class technologies, industry leading practices in a user-centric design approach.

Our mission is to help our clients improve business effectiveness by maximizing the returns on their IT investments. Backed by international expertise and tapping the wealth of IT talent in Asia, we provide personalized and cost-efficient solutions with an unrelenting focus on quality.

We quickly build a prototype using the latest industry techniques, best practices and tools. This allows us to rapidly provide wireframes, mockups and prototypes that we can test on real end users to efficiently validate our assumptions.

As a Software House, we are fanatical about hiring the smartest high caliber technologists and consultants. The best becomes better at FmSoft with first class training and mentorship programs to ensure that our talent remains on the cutting edge of technology..