Your Partner in Comprehensive Electrical Services

At FmSoft Private Limited we specialize in delivering top-notch electrical solutions tailored to meet a wide range of needs. Our expertise extends beyond basic electrical work to include comprehensive services that ensure efficient and reliable power distribution.Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to delivering high standards of safety and efficiency in all our electrical projects. Whether you need detailed testing, reliable installations, or thorough commissioning .FmSoft Private Limited is committed to ensuring your electrical systems operate at peak performance. Trust us to be your partner in powering your success with comprehensive electrical solutions.

Our Diverse Range of Electrical Services

HT and LT Cable Services: Testing, installation, commissioning, loading, and unloading of high tension (HT) and low tension (LT) cables of any size, ensuring reliable power distribution.

Distribution Transformers: Installation, maintenance, and commissioning of distribution transformers, providing efficient power management for various applications.

Electric Poles: Supply, installation, and maintenance of electric poles, supporting stable and safe power distribution networks.